Fully automated online billing

for complex products & services


Equoris is an online billing application. It is a feature-rich web based application born from 10 years of heritage dealing with complex and mission critical billing for telecom operators, based on the Telbase BSS billing engine. Equoris brings together flexible product creation and customer management, with a transaction processing engine and everything you need to bill and collect payments, all in one online application with a simple pay as you grow pricing model. The application has also been built to comply with the latest security standards and web technologies so that you can integrate with your existing systems and processes.

Pay as you grow.

The Equoris SaaS application can be fully scaled to the size of your business. Equoris is offered in several pricing models which can aligned to the amount of invoices you send each month. In addition, Equoris offers tiered volume pricing models, which allows you to lower your prices as soon as your business grows. This makes Equoris not only suitable for small enterprise firms, but also for medium sized businesses.

Security first.

Equoris has passed several security audits successfully, and is hosted on a ISO27001 SAS 70 TYPE II enterprise class tier 1 cloud environment offering maximum security on infrastructure level. This ensures our users that your billing information is safe.

Specific industry billing setup.

Increase business efficiency by using one flexible and accurate tool for billing, charging, rating, invoicing and collection regardless of customer, market or service types. Extend discounts or new pricings ranging from simple to highly complex. For each business type Equoris offers a industry specific setup, containing the specific elements related to the proposition.

Equoris Essential

For startups and small businesses launching their first subscription-based services.

Equoris Essential is ideally suited to start-ups or small businesses, bringing all the core elements needed to bill and collect money for services in the digital economy in one easy-to-use cloud billing application. Launch new products and offers quickly; manage minimum subscription terms; pro-rated charges for partial subscription periods; bill and collect payments automatically; and get your subscription-based business generating revenue quickly.

Equoris Standard

For experienced subscription billers looking to provide a more comprehensive suite of services.

Equoris Standard builds on the core features in Equoris Essential, and provides a rich set of extra functionality for advanced management of consumer service subscriptions. Additional features include: collection plans for recovering outstanding debt; invoice (offline) payment method; configurable bill cycle options; and sales amendable products allowing extra flexibility for your sales team to close deals.

Equoris Enterprise

For large corporates and SMEs needing to manage account hierarchies and tailored pricing models.

Equoris Enterprise is our top of the range cloud billing application, supplementing the power and flexibility of the other editions with a rich set of features designed for the sophisticated management of large corporate and SME customers. Manage your enterprise customer hierarchies with the ability to bill and ‘roll-up’ charges at different points in the corporate structure; you can also speed up corporate service requests through bulk changes within a corporate hierarchy.